You are the centre of attraction. Everything starts with you and ends with you. You should make concerted efforts  to surrender yourself to your inner self. Correct your thought processes. If you find something is troubling you, analyse the cause and its resultant affect. Peace and tranquillity can only be acquired when you are wholly satisfied with yourself and your change for the better in your positive thinking. No external element or situation can make you pleased or happy. It is the state of your inner mentality which helps you to maintain calm in happiness or sadness. True satisfaction could only be ascertained by selfless service to the needy and downtrodden. Selfless service, in whatever field it may be, enhances your satisfaction quotient immensely. This ultimately gives quantum fillip to your innate dexterity.

 If you want to gauge the weakness of others, it is essential that you make amends in your own weaknesses. Devise a balanced plan of action to weed out negativity from your midst. This could be systematically done through trial and error method initially and finally it becomes your habit. It cannot be done overnight. Sincere practice and persistence in effort is called for to make this process a befitting one. Complete harmony could be acquired through forgetting and forgiving. By meeting others needs you gain much satisfaction which is invaluable. As everything starts with you and ends with you only. By extension, it could be construed that you are the most power element in the scheme of things. No external element can influence you unless you want that element to dominate you and your daily life.