You are what you think of yourself What you think of yourself you become. It is because the universe too starts in helping you in the manner in your thought processes are going. You attract the means required to fulfill that end. Not that it is acquired without your conscious efforts. Your thoughts are the prime movers but your conscious efforts are the sequel to that end or goal being made to be a reality. Time and space are the important constituents in the fulfillment of the goal at hand. The responsibility of the individual is to avail every opportunity that is offered to an individual. Never fritter the opportunity that is offered to you on the platter. Or you will have to fend for everything which is lost. Time does not wait for anybody. It goes on and on. It is not that your duty and responsibility ends with getting your material prosperity. It is not a permanent possession because the wheel of prosperity has ebb and trough. It is though submitting yourself to spiritual goals that is a balance between the material prosperity and spiritual possession should be pursued in life. No material or other possessions will accompany you throughout. It is the possessions of spiritual richness that influences your innate self. That enrichment is of paramount importance. It will a permanent asset with you for helping you to take this possession with you even when you leave this body. Therefore, the material possession is no possession in real sense of terms. It is a temporary one. Permanence can only acquired through spiritual knowledge. Spiritually advancement can be acquired slowly but surely if an individual traverses the path. If you do everything as if you are doing anything or everything as a penance and not as a burden. Be enthused about what is being done keeping your Creator as your ablest guide. Your Supreme Guide will certainly guide you for your all round development – spiritual and worldly possessions acquired by your own hard work. A sort of self satisfaction will be generated. And that is what is hugely required now. Quest for Self Realization or Christ Consciousness should be the prime goal of an individual. This sort of consciousness is acquired when one takes the assistance of his / her Creator at every step in life. This assistance is provided to that individual always, if sufficient yearning and deep desire is there in that prayer. This will change the very landscape and thinking pattern of life of that individual. For this knowing yourself is of prime importance. Go deep in yourself and see that what a treasure you have got. Knowing yourself means you will acquire the quality of keeping yourself balanced in all circumstances. Peace and calm will prevail. These are the best components for positivity in life. This enrichment will be ultimate and of permanent. You change yourself, it is in your hand, with you and not without you.