True love is selfless

 Gopies’ Love Towards Krishna

The true meaning of love as the Gopies showered on Kanhaji.

The epitome of love of Yashodha and Brij Gopies is truly a love of selfless sacrifice. They shower love towards young Krishna with immensity of emotional upsurge. They did not want anything in return. These gopies did not stop Kahnaji from leaving for Mathura in order to annihilate the cruel Kansa. Kansa was synonymous with hate, rebellion, anger, greed and all the adjectives attached with wickedness. He had not only killed the sadhus who opposed his principles but also imprisoned his father. He only loved his own life and nothing else. He made use of every resources at his command to kill little babies born in his fiefdom. He sent his demons to kill Krishna. One after the others they were annihilated. Ultimately, King Kansa sent Karurji – a person of good standing in the eyes of the common people. Karurji convinced Yashodha and Nandbaba to send both Krishna and Balram otherwise Kansa may air his ire against the common people and resort to further killing as a revenge. Karurji made it clear to both Nandbaba and  Yashodha that Krishana had come for a higher purpose in life. If his sphere of activity is confined to this locality only then He will not be able to perform His destined jobs for which He has taken birth on this earth for ridding this earth from the evils that bedevils this earth. Mother remained weeping along with Nandbaba. Nandbaba tells Yashodha that Krishna is not their son, he is the son of Devki. Krishana had suckled the milk of Yashodha only and not that of Devki.

There was no that the Gopies wanted in return for the love they shower on Kanahaji. They had nothing but the tears to give to Kanahaji. He was moved by this kind of love and not by the precious gifts. They mentioned that they could get the glimpse of their Krishna merely by shutting their eyes. They need not resort to any hard penance for it. In every element atom of their body Shamji was present. It can be thus deduced that the love needs no sacrifice, nothing in return, it is internal impulse for the other. It does not demand anything at all. Love is such a thing which enchants our body immensely. Jai Dwarka Dish.


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