Swami Ramdev & His Fast


Swamiji have done a right in shunning his idea to continue his fast. No right thinking person would even remotely think of losing a person of his stature. He has a fair number of his followers not only in this country in foreign lands too. The contentious points have already been conveyed to the Government. We  are hopeful that those points would be looked into and a consensus reached – this is also a need of the hour.  It is also paramount that a committee of people of impeccable record should be constituted and work towards the meeting grounds from both the sides. If sincerity is shown surely nothing is possible. The Government has already shown its willingness, as has been said earlier on that 90% of the demands have already been met. Remaining could be taken up. Swamiji should also be practical and should not remain adamant about certain things. Merely agreeing on the controversial points is not a solution but it lies on the premise that a starting point has been made already and on the way if there are certain cobwebs these could be looked threadbare. Intractable things should be left out of the agenda and forward looking approach should be adopted. As this is beneficial for the country as a whole, it is honestly suggested that nobody aspire for earning brownies. Politics by any parties should not be tolerated when the questions of corruption  is the question. Care should also be exercised that it is not the Govt and the Congress party which is responsible for stashing away the money. Nothing should be done to tarnish the image of the Government which has shown its sincerity from the first day itself. It has started the ball rolling on the first day itself by sending its senior ministers for discussions. Let us not lose any more time and do something for the points at stake.