• Make a Difference in Small Ways. We can contribute in small ways to help others whenever they need our help. It may be that your timely help may bring perceptible difference to that individual. It is better to help others by way of imparting knowledge and education which may have a lasting impact on the other party.
  • Charity is good but do it Without Making a Show of it. It has been experienced that some people exhibit magnanimity on the surface so that the people may have good opinion about them. That attitude may make them earn a few brownies but ultimately reality will come to fore and their true colour is revealed. It has also been seen that some people take recourse to taking strict action on others, like terminating others’ services without thinking what consequences that action of theirs will have on the other party and without giving any chance to them to explain what and why he/she behaved in such a manner.  
    • It is here and now which counts and not then and there. Your present action and reaction is key, more important than what you had taken yesterday or would be taking tomorrow. Adopt positivity in your action, taking into account that your actions do not impact others in any way. If it does, you may try to devise alternatives for your actions. A small gain with no harm to others in the process is better than huge gains for you but earned at the cost of others.
    • For the day, these are sufficient, let us wait and see how Lord guides us on the path of positivity, a step more near to Him and yourself.