• How you can make difference in your outlook on life.  One can make any change in oneself if he/she has will to do that. Age does not factor in this. This positive change can be affected anywhere, anytime and at every moment of one’s life. If you feel down at one point in time, it hardly means that that feeling cannot be converted into something which can be rather helpful ultimately. Courage and fortitude to pull on under any circumstances will help. It takes two to make perceptible difference. That change cannot be made in isolation. It should always be remembered that nothing is acquired without putting your personal efforts. If at all you acquire something easily, surely, it will go quite easily. Rather than losing your bearings in the initial stages itself. Pet up, pull up your socks. You may be in for many ups and downs. Face them squarely without any perturbation with hundred percent commitments. That will make much difference in the outcome.

For the day, these are sufficient, let us wait and see how Lord guides us on the path of positivity, a step more near to Him and yourself.