Word That You Give And Fulfil Is Crucial

                   Words are the important factors in our life. If they are spoken appropriately, correctly, at right time, everything falls in place. Every relationships requires right words for putting into right perspective everything under the sun. Word spoken without thinking of its affect mars everything in our life. You have to earn your esteem on the basis of your daily behaviour. In this, your spoken words speak volumes.

                   If you give a word to others, exert to your best in keeping that word. In the first place never give a word without thinking about its consequence. If you think that that word will boomrange on you, learn to say firm no. Otherwise you will have to give numerous explanations afterwards for having not able to fulfil that word.  In due course of time, that person would be able to understand your predicament clearly. This will make the air clearer and you become peaceful ultimately. And after a due contemplation if you find you would be able to accomplish that promised course of action, exert yourself in fulfilling that ‘word’ till its fruition wholeheartedly. That course of action will give your relationship with that person new thrust in trust and help in removing the trust deficit that ultimately will result if you are unable to fulfil your given word. Your respect in the society is ultimately inter-linked with the goodwill quotient that you earn in your dealings with others. And words that you give and fulfil count much.

                   A word of caution or warning by your well wishers will make much difference to your life. The experience of the people around you should always be taken with a pinch of salt and made applicable in your day to day dealings.

                   The appropriate words at appropriate places proves to be a garland of flowers with every flower counting for effusing its  fragrance. In the similar manner words arranged with care and caution brings best results.



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