Lokpal Bill – Persisting Confusion


The two distinct drafts on Lokpal has shown that there is confusion all pervasive. The Govt want to present the bill prepared by their members just ignoring the contentious points – including the CJI and PM in the purview of the said bill, as suggested by the members of civil society. The common people want to know as to why the Govt is not willing to exclude the two top positions from the purview of the bill. This shows lack of sincerity on the part of the Govt to come clear on this impasse. Understood, the Govt has to do some functions which ought to be away from the scrutiny of others, yet till date have there been anything which is not known to the common people. The all pervasive corruption in the society is eating into the very vitals of our society.  The jobs which can otherwise be done easily are being done with some favour or connection. The middlemen are making hay while the sun shines. They are away from the clutches of the law and the law enforcing agencies. It is because everybody and everything has price tag with it. The big babus and the law enforcing agencies nexus is difficult to break.  With this intention in view , the civil society wanted a bill which could break this unholy bond. Even now laws are there to tackle the ongoing monster of corruption. But in the absence of any will power to confront this monster is making it even more ferocious and unmanageable.

          The two sides should not stand on ceremony but come forward with common meeting ground on points which require to be worked out. The Government side has done everything to come out with their own set of draft. Good points from the draft prepared by civil society should also be taken into cognisance. After meeting points are thrashed out the next step should be as to who would head the Lokpal, acceptable to all – all parties including civil society.  A person of impeccable past record should be chosen to head as Lokayukt. Seemingly, it is easier said than done but this has to be done anyhow. And the Government has to show its sincerity of purpose in this context.

          People in general tend to forget the past deeds or misdeeds. The past crusade of our forefathers for our freedom struggle should not be forgotten. How they lost everything for ensuring that we may have secure today. We have to take a cue from the examples set by them and assiduously cultivate their sense of sacrifice for a common cause. This will, to some extent, spur us for fighting the elusive ghost of corruption.


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