Today you are in such a pitiable situation that you cannot fathom as to what has to done to come out of that worst situation. That case scenario will make us determined to act in a certain manner so that a way could be devised to come out of the state of affair to come out of it all. A determined and sincere effort is called for. When a peculiar situation arises, it makes us very despondent. Sometimes we feel it hard to digest and solution eludes us. Narrow mentality should be shunned in that sort of a situation.  

It should be borne in mind that when a bad situation comes, it, more often than not brings with it a solution also. That silver lining is a divine message that you have the wherewithal. When we sincerely and wisely follow the lead, we come to a point when there appears a flicker of a solution. Put in some more effort, discernible solution comes before us which may confound us firstly as to how this has come about. But solution is there for everybody to see.

Sometime the expectation of a failure spurs us to go on and sometimes a rebuke from our superiors makes us introspect and we make effort to make that effort for a better results. Luke warm actions give less encouraging results.

It has also been experienced that if we make our life simple we get simple solution confronting us. Complex living bring in its wake complexities in problems and thus difficult to solve. Life thus should be made a cake walk, a meaningful one at that. Material possession should not be taken as satisfaction level. Satiety is the one which can be acquired at your own free will.