Your present thinking & Its Importance

Your present and your present thinking determine your place in the society firmament. Whatever one has transacted in the past and felt proud of the same is not reckoned as an acknowledgement of present day position in the society.  If you are thinking positively and adopt various methods of refinement in your way of transacting anything, you can be taken very seriously by others. To the contrary, if you heavily rely on the past and do nothing for the present, then surely, you are in for a trouble. You will face mental blocks and untoward predicaments in your daily life activities. It has been seen that people feel isolated in the group who rely on their past laurels. It causes quite a bad feeling and bad blood. Those people may just think that in their viewpoint they have not done anything untoward or wrong. But that viewpoint may not be of any value for others who think otherwise.  What matters is your present, the one which affects others and yourself equally.  It is simply because future and past has stuck with none.