Have you ever lived outside the country you were born in?

There is always a tinge of liking in everbody mind to habitate at a place to which he /she is not born to. Our mind wants to explore new things – unknown ones. At times, you come across people or see places which you not although met or seen before but you can connect with them fully. This is a strange coincident. Finding somebody in a strange place and thinking that you are already related to that person or a place is like magic come true.

This curiosity is the one which impells us to seek and see places outside your own country to which you are not born. You also want to meet and interact with them and garner knowledge and get their cultural knowledge. Some of the best qualities that those people have can thus be imbibed and our own knowledge enhanced in the process.

The Mother Nature has bestowed different wonders to different places. We can get a first hand viewership about those places and enrich ourselves.

Historically, we can visit the places which are different but connected with history of different times. This gies us an insight about other places too besides our own.

Wish that I could do this in my life time.


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