How best to deal with the backbiters and shrewd manipulators in the organizational hierarchy?



It is a self-evident that those who carry out their assigned tasks with ease and do not procrastinate command respect from each and everybody in the organization. But with the type of work they transact, sometimes, they are prone to commit mistakes inadvertently. There are also some people in the same organization, who owing to their shrewd mindset pick holes in others’ pockets. They hang around in search of loop holes, which can be anyhow found, and present their part of the story to the powers that be. In this way they come in the way of the ‘real performers’ in their career advancement and tarnish their image.


The best course for those ‘real performers’ is to adjust to the changed scenario. If there is any negative comment they should take the same in their stride and do not lose their composure and peace of mind thus affecting adversely their real performance culture. But care and caution has to be exercised that those black sheep should be identified, their ‘real acts’ exposed in the eyes of the organizational head and other people around. They should then face the music of their own creation. Punitive action, as deemed fit, by the organizational head ought to be taken against those people to avoid recurrence in future. This will also help weeding out the incompetent people from the set up.