Q.     Whilst traversing the sojourn of life there are many ups and downs in the lives of everybody who is born here. Nobody can say for sure that he / she had a smooth sailing throughout their lives. The wheels of fortune sometimes take us at the lowest zone and at other times one feels on the top of the world. I am of the opinion that the one who keep his / her mental frame in equilibrium in both sort of situations, is a person of great wisdom and sagacity.

          Whenever I go back in my own shell and think about the decisions I took having far reaching implications on myself and my dear and nears, I still remember some ones. One of which was giving the power of attorney for a land which my elder brother used to till. By dint of that tilling for a considerable period of time, this chunk of prime land  was transferred to my brother. He was the natural owner of the land on the basis of the new agrarian laws. After the death of my elder brother (with no siblings) I was the natural inheritor of that land.

          A few days after the demise of my elder brother, the first owner of the land came to me one fine morning. He wept that the land transferred to me actually belonged to him initially. He requested me to appear before the Magistrate in the court to testify that I did not have any objection if the land on my name is transferred to him.

          Two courses were open to me. Either to tell that person that the land of which he is talking about has been legally transferred to me or agree to his demand and testify before the magistrate for transference of the said land.

          I thought for sometime about what I had brought when I was born and what my Creator had given me now. I was satisfied what I had been bestowed by Him. I told him that I will testify before the Magistrate to transfer my land to him, without thinking what my family will tell me. Fortunately, my family also went with me on this decision of mind. This was the most impulsive decision of my life gives my complete confidence that whatever I did was right.

that land was transferred to I should have which I should have inherited after the death of my elder brother.  ebb and It is not how long you live, but what you transact in life. A life lived suitably  for  less number of years is better than a life lived for years together with nothing to mention or nobody ever remembering that altogether. A live which sometimes becomes burden on us