My behaviour and its implications




My behaviour and its implications


Behavior has far reaching implication for me. Whenever I act in a negative manner, it will do more harm to me than to the person I intend to harm. It could provoke an internal upheaval in my innate mindset. How I acted on the spur, depends upon the situation I am placed. If I am in my elements I shall behave positively. The good tiding will prevail and there is no internal upheaval.


Behaviour is such a thing which gives you respect of otherwise. If your behavior towards others is negative, it will bring unsolicited brickbats from all quarters. You will lose your friend circle. On the other hand, positive and helpful behavior brings accolades from everywhere and creates positive atmospherics and appropriately appreciative response.


Need of the hour is to act in a manner which may spur positive response from the people for whom it is meant. Good behavior is imbibed over a period of time. It is also acquired from the people you are closer with.