What makes us happy?

What makes us happy?

Happiness is a state of mind. A person could be unhappy with all material prosperity whereas a person with less material possessions could be better on the happiness quotient. If you are not satisfied with what you have, certainly, you will aspire to get that satisfaction level propitiated through illegal means. That illegal means will bring in its wake disgrace  and ultimately sorrow.


There are so many cases in point of well to do people involved in various corruption cases. They have minted crores of money through their illegal means and when told to account for their earnings by the law enforcement agencies, they were clueless and had no plausible answers. As a consequence, they are now cooling their heels in the confines of jails. The money earned has not been of help to revive  their tarnished image and standings in the society.


What is the price you will have to pay, if you are caught read handed. Name once sullied can hardly regain its past glory ever afterwards. Infamy image is a curse. It is a life with everything bereft respect.


Hence it is a considered fact that those who work their way up in their sphere of activity consciously, honestly and sincerely may not get the due respect initially but after a period of time they are the likeable persons of the society and happiest ones at that.


Author: Harbans

GOD is very compassionate with us in every way, need is to use those blessings which are the results of His bounties and thank Him for everything that He gives us. We should also share these bounties with our fellow-beings. I am the person who loves God and His Creations. I love my Creator and not fear Him. My children are adjusted to life, incommensurate, to their Karma and destiny. I have served as a Sr CGO for about 38 years in a Central Govt. Presently I am serving as an Adm Offer with an Engineering College. I am a spiritual person with liberal ways of thinking. I respect all the religions as I respect mine since I understand that all the religions are the pathways to a SINGLE ENTITY - paths for connecting with Him may be different but the ULTIMATE SOURCE IS ONE. I want to be a student till last day of my life. I am a homeopath also, which I pursue as a social service only. Happy moments, I take as God's Gifts, sad ones I take as His Test for me. I believe that He will surely assist me in this Test of His, come what may. Really. I have more belief in Him than I am on my own. You can comprehend my philosophy in life from my write-ups which I write while interacting with them. I firmly believe that every person has the special characteristic which other fellows cannot have and I respect that person as such. With the grace of Almighty God, a book entitled INNER THOUGHTS which could be purchased online from http://flipkart.com. This book is based on the topics which have been penned down. That is why it is rightly said if intentions are good, everything goes well with you.