Why being busy is a blessing in disguise?


Why being busy is a blessing in disguise?

It is well said that if you want to remain away from bad deeds remain busy. Remaining pre-occupied means our attention remains riveted on the subject in hand and you do not indulge in misdeeds and earn a bad name for himself and for the ones you hold dear. It has also been experienced that a person’s ability / capability is gauzed by the productive results / outcome which he / she shows on ground. It is not acquired when a person sits idle.  Also an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. An idle person is prone to participate in anti-social activities which may spoil his /her name and fame.

It has been seen practically that we can achieve much output while we remain occupied in some productive venture; may it be reading, writing or any other activity. All the maladies in our daily life like depression, despondency etc are the result of our inactivity. While we are inactive, we are putting pressure on our heart for redemption. Depression results in less productivity, less material possession, less knowledge, etc. In this sort of a scenario, we become dependent on others for pulling us up from the quagmire of our own making.

Conclusively, it could better be said that those who remain pre-occupied with one pursuit or the other remain at their productive best through out their life and in this endeavor they make a mark not only for themselves but for others also. Life for them is not a burden but a way of life. Both in happiness and in sadness they maintain their equanimity and take everything as a challenge.