Our journey of living is non-ending. It is because when one life’s function ends, there is start of another one and on and on it goes. There is no destination to reach to, the individual endeavour should be to cover the distance with as little hickcupps as possible that our Creator provides for us. The distance to be covered by each of us is different. How we feel between the beginning and the end dependents not only on us but on the circumstances and situations that come in our way?  Within that stint, all face variety of hurdles, there are happy and sad moments, each of which have to be faced and experienced. If we take philosophical way of thinking then there is nothing that can deter you from your chosen path. You remain equi-poised in both good and bad days. If otherwise, then you suffer the pangs and earn different sorts of diseases in the bargain. It is you and your circumstances which can make pr break your life’s journey. You can make heaven out of hell and vise versa too.

      Now coming to the New Year’s resolutions, circumstances are the impediments in putting our resolutions to fruition. Some face critical phase of life when the resolution made are shattered. This way concerned person feels despondent. Anyhow, in life we have to be steadfast and in other times very rational and pragmatic and push on snowalling difficulties.

The following are the list of resolutions made that are required to be fulfilled, if God helped in their fulfillment.

(a)       Spiritual Journey. I shall aspire assiduously to follow a life which would be ordained by my MOTHER DIVINE. I will make it a point to follow Her cues knowing fully well that Her guidance will never fail me.

(b)       Surmounting Difficulties. If difficulties are experienced, these are to be overcome anyhow and not feared from. Take those difficulties head on. No qualms.

(c)       Social Etiquette. I shall aspire to maintain and upkeep social etiquettes, in that respect for others rights, keep your surroundings clean and tidy, without much fuss provide assistance to the needy from your resources, etc.

(d)       Self Service. I shall endeavour to do my multifarious jobs myself without anybody’s assistance.

(f)        Rip off Egoistic Tendencies. As far as possible make concerted and practicable efforts in washing off even a dot of ego from the system. For this to make reality, I will have to shun all sorts of show offs.