Is not it a fact that we are responsible for creating emergencies for ourselves?

Is not it a fact that we are responsible for creating emergencies for ourselves?

It is not somebody who is responsible when there is a question of sticking within timeframe for meeting some important official deadline / commitment, embarking your journey, meeting somebody for transacting some important business. It is also self-evident that we intentionally postpone a thing giving one excuse or the other. We are expert at giving excuses for not doing a job at hand. But ultimately, we experience that those deadlines are difficult to meet because of paucity of time at our disposal. Then we lament, I would have started at the right time to meet the deadline. But when it is too late, you cannot do anything about that.

Be that as it may, it should be borne in mind that whatever we want to do never adopt casual attitude to put the same into action. We should apportion time and energy required to meet commitment at hand and should be on time / before time to execute that commitment. Be serious otherwise you will have to repent. But more often than not we do not give much importance to delay which is caused due to our casual attitude. And that ‘casual attitude’ may cost us dearly. You may miss a plane journey and consequently may lose a project of your lifetime or other golden opportunity which would have opened new vistas in your life. We should rather be very methodical in choosing our goals and put emphasis on the small details lest nothing is left to chance and may meet with failure.




There is not much difference between success and failure. The ‘difference’ lies in how and why. And never neglect time factor. It never waits for anybody howsoever great that person may be.