A marriage to be successful, it is of paramount important that both the wife and husband consider themselves equals. It is just like wheels of a bike, if one wheel is shorter and the other one bigger, it cannot go for a shorter distance even. If one party considers himself / herself more than the other one then sure enough the alliance cannot go longer. The following points are a must for a successful marriage:-

1. A person should respect other partner’s sentiments – not to be abusive hurting her in the bargain.

2. If he is not able to be honest in relationship with his own wife, then, why he should expect that his other partners could be honest with him and not cheat on him in relationship.

3. In social gatherings, he should show respect for his spouse.

4. He must be cheating before marriage but after marriage he should not do so for the sake of his marriage.

5. In the parties, he should act in a manner which is socially acceptable. Not to stoop so low and swayed by the flashy looks of other ladies even in the company of his wife.

6. In the parties, he should not shun his wife for others. This will create ill-will and wedge in the relationship.

7. Social etiquette’s have to be maintained in all public appearances.

8. He should not think women only for satisfaction of his sex needs but should need her for his well-being for a happy living.

9. Marriage to be successful, it is a must that both the spouses sort out their differences in the privacy of their household and not to portray and publicise them for everyone to see and make a mockery of the marriage as an institution.

10. If one partner behaves and does not want to refine himself / herself then sure enough the that marriage cannot last long.






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