Our Dependence on others

  • Our Dependence on othersWhen somebody wants something for meeting his / her demand(s), we feel action of others as ‘fake’ and may be consider them ‘with wrong attitude’. Why others are dependents upon us? But world depends and goes like this. Even natural phenomenon is possible with the association of different forces of nature. For instance, rain is possible with the help of photosynthesis, trees help us in the production of oxygen and take in carbon dioxide and keep a balance in the atmosphere, and you name it and it happens with the association of different constituents. A single atom cannot make much difference.


    Similarly, in human world too, we remain depends on others to meet our demands. You are at different situations and circumstances. Sometimes you are in good situations, financially or otherwise, and in other times you are not. But fact remains, you are not able to do anything single handed. You are dependent on others. You should not think them as fakes simply because they are dependents on you. But should understand these as a requirement to go on in life. Good and bad mix together and the world’s affairs go on. No bad intention, no ill will at all.