Our Creator is too near to us

Our Creator is too near to us

Our Creator has created us in His own mold. We have only to call Him sincerely and He would be there amidst you. Any one of your near and dear can ditch you at any time but He will never do that. There is no particular place from where you can contact with him. It means His doors are fully open. The faith with which you call Him gives rise to a faith in your own capability. The faith in Him creates confidence in the individual concerned that he can bank on his Creator at any moment. Our contact with Him is unshakable.

In our life we face diverse situations. Diverse situations call for diverse solution to come out unscathed. Your faith in your Creator helps creating conviction and determination to handle emergencies that may come. Many a times we are faced with a critical situation where we experience helplessness in coming out of the present predicament. We are in dire need of a supernatural power to help come unscathed. Our mind is the power house of all the energies. The faith in Him helps tap latent energy. Belief in Him makes difference and that difference leads us to solve the problem at hand.

It is not through mechanically following the course of prayer that we are able to get His presence. It is not through following yogic techniques alone that we can get results. Right attitude is a must for reaching the desirable goal. Technique is only a medium, a pathway to reach to Him. Our dealings with others, positive attitude to do a thing, not to harm others or not to do anything which may have hidden ulterior motive prove to be dangerous. Spiritual progress cannot attained through forced practices. Too much emphasis on techniques will run counter to our progress. It may make us ego-centric. In this process, the true import of self seeking will become vague.

At the base of the spine, we have immeasurable power.  It is a power house of energy. Ultimate aim of a person should be to awake the kundalini.  Strong techniques for awakening kundalini may prove counter-productive. This may be by violent breathing, intricate postures etc without resort to spiritual awakening. Mental transformation is a must for spiritual transformation. A negative mental attitude may take one backward in spiritual goal. If right attitude is not adhered to, the consequent awakening of kundalani could generate immense energy resulting in destroying the nervous system itself.

Devotional inspirations and not egotistical suppositions can make difference. Always have pure love, think high thoughts, associate with devout people, help others who are in distress. By adopting right conduct, Kundalini moves upward to the brain. With negative thinking, we draw light from the brain. In this process, the mind becomes darker than before. Right attitude is a must. If one does not know much about yoga but has the right attitude even then that person could reach his goal. Lifetime of effort will not bring dividends without right attitude.

Meditate and forget. Do not expect result to come by instantly. The result would be there when you are least expecting it. Anything which is in the territory of your mental cycle is attainable.  Mind is the evil doer of anything happening.