Our intellect is interestingly poised,

To explore the unknown,

Curiosity has made us to set,

On the untrodden paths,

From the dawn of civilization till now,

To know about the unknown,

Knowledge about mystifying theory of evolution,

Has spur us to work on ‘God Particle’

To a near success in our mission,

Yet, hitherto, are not sure of,

Inquisitiveness still razes on,

Still more to be known of the unknowns,

Launched a rover baptized ‘Curiosity’ ,

Traversing numerous light years,

To know the unknown,

About mysteries on mars,

Minds are unraveling,

In bits and pieces,

The images sent,

And knowing the unknown,

Curiosity is thus making us,

To explore new unknowns,

Yet, only a speck of knowledge is scraped together,

But curiosity persists,

There is a vast sea of unknown to be known,

And our hunger to know still goes on,

As life goes on in the planet of ours.




Harbans Khajuria





5 thoughts on “CURIOSITY

  1. Thanks a million for visiting my blog and liking the peom. NASA’s ‘Curiosity’ is proving to be a trend setter in knowing the unknown. We all are proud of the scientists’ achievements in unravelling what is unknown.

  2. Very inspiring & informative lines are these, really having the essence of uptill innovations & inventions. I like utmost the last two lines
    ‘There is a vast sea of unknown to be known,
    and our hunger to know still goes on..

    hats off to you sir

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