Eid-ul-fitr, the festival of fasting,

Based solely on article of faith,

Purifies body, soul and mind with fasting,

For the complete month of Ramzan,

Chaste in fasting without forgetting our duties,

Towards all, dear to us,

Bridging the gap between people of different hues,

Bathed in fervor,  full of compassion,

Generating hope for the hopeless,

Also engendering  basketful of goodwill,

Of fond trust,  that there will dawn as a result,

A day which binds all humanity with a holy thread,

Of oneness, and brotherliness.,



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  1. Thanks for stopping in my blog and liking the poem. I get enriched by the immense treasure ocean of knowledge that is in you all. Mine is an effort due to inspiring thoughts generated by you all. Together we can do really anything. Thanks again.

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