Seven Things About Me Award!

I wholeheartedly thank  Katherine Givens for nominating me for the ‘Seven Things About Me’ Award.. Your magnanimity will spur me to write more. Although I have some published articles and poems but these are published in some remote and unknown corners because of virtually no know-how about where to go for publication of the work. Anyhow, thanks a millions for nominating me.

Seven Things About Me

1. My writing in the form of poems and other topics are based upon my personal experiences in day-to-day life.

2.     I love a person who loves others but hate none.

3.  I do not think others as adversaries in life. I see in them persons who will enrich me in every way.

4. I love God and do not fear Him and consider Him my guide at all times. He has helped me come out of the quagmire many a times.

5. I take ego as number one enemy of a person.

6. I am of the opinion that it is not the age which gives you wisdom but the experience with life you are having that gives you sagacity.

7. The age has not affected the enthusiam for doing things in right earnest. It is same as I was 20 years ago.

Seven Persons I would like to nominate:-

1. Chester Mayns.

2. Lsabbagh.

3. Superscraper99.

4. Cristian Mihai.

5. Numero Uno.

6. Vikram Roy.

7. Idolanuel.


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