Dussehra – the annual sacred event,

Devout remember the winning of goodness,

Over wickedness.


Lord Shri Ram,

The embodiment of love, righteousness,

Tolerance, harmony and reverence,

That a son should have,

In immense measure,

For the parents.


He left his everything in Ayodhya,

When Shri Ram’s father Shri Dashratha’,

Acts on the promise given,

To his wife Kakai,

The step mother of Shri Ram,

Who had saved Shri Dashratha’s life,

Consequently extracting a promise,

To be redressed at a time appropriate,

Manthra – the courtier of Kakai too showed her true color,

In making Kakai realize the promise,

Crown for her son Shri Bharat and exile for Shri Ramji,

Shri Ram sacrificed his everything for fourteen years.

And without a demur,

Upon losing his everthing,

He embraced the life simplest in the jungles,

Subsisting on the herbs,

That is the crux of a lesson for offspring of today.



The Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka,

Representing design with evil intent,

With deception took away Sita Mata,

The consort of Shri Ram,

Kept her in his garden – Ashok Bhatika,

Exhorting her to marry him,

Sita Mata, a ideal wife,

Of an ideal husband,

Spurned his unethical wish.


There was a colossal battle,

Between Lord Shri Ram,

Embodiment of rightoutness,

And Ravana,

Representing evil,

In which Ravana lost his everything,

His nears and dears and his forces,

Including himself at end.


There is eternal lesson for all of us,

Remove the evil from our midst,

Burn it out,

As you burn the effigy of Ravana,

As a religious and yearly ritual,

And establish a kingdom of love,

Peace, full of tolerance, goodwill,

Establish kingdom of love for everybody,

Without any discrimination.


Harbans Khajuria


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