Marriage is not merely the twosome’s wedding,

But of two souls uniting,

Wedding also is meeting,

The social obligations by inviting,

The nears and dears for a formal gathering,

To put a solid stamp of the society certifying,

The sacred merging,

Of two individuals with differing,

Perceptions and traits.


Two hearts blending,

Their emotional linkages,

For a living,

Together and accordingly agreeing,

To provide space for an amiable living,

With each other and for each other – respecting,

And agreeing to disagree to unfamiliar, interfering,

In their internal affairs and solidifying their bonding,

Repulsing every attack on their privacy by unsolicited elements,

With reprehensible designs,

Trying breaking their sacred bonding,

For their selfish ends.


Thus the couple cements their faith,

In each other without any failing,

And throw out the trust deficit,

From their midst,

For a peaceful and congenial living,

 Under the same casing.


My sincere prayer to my Mother Divine,

Oh! The Holy Mother of all,

Bestow, till eternity, Thy bountiful blessings,

On the couple united in recent times,

So that there is none in the world to undo,

What My Mother Divine hath done,

By uniting these twosomes,

By a sacred and unbreakable thread,

A bond of trustworthy faith,

A bond of eternal friendship,

Between the two for a common cause.




















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