Bidding adieu is indeed heart-rending,

May be transitory,

To meet obligation of a career.


A girl after conclusion of marriage rituals,

Departing from her parental house,

For the newly adopted –  in-laws residence,

Leaving the home and hearth she held dear,

From her birth till completion of marriage bows,

Wails, striking deep into the heart of one and all.


A newly-wed, perforce, departing from the spouse,

With whom they have to share everything,

Or an eternal parting ways to meet the Creator.


A young man parting with his nears and dears,

To eke out a living for himself and all,

Traversing the seven seas,

Anon, none wants to show tears,

So that the one parting ways may be beaten,

By the departure bug,

Bereft of any feelings on the surface of all,

Yet heart aching with hurt,

Ocean of feeling stinging hard,

But outwardly the entire crowd exhibiting poise,

But with muted unease,

Yet interiors of all are troubled hugely.


Oh! Our Creator, make the departure,

Not hurting but comforting,

So that departure becomes a pleasant exercise.


Harbans Khajuria


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