Spoken words excessive than need be,
Carry with it less force and sagacity,
Than what we convey in silent medium,
A silent revolution is going on in us all,
In one form or other slowly but silently,
Bringing with it hope for hopeless.
Silent prayers grant us fruition slowly but surely,
Silence is the epitome of Inner Peace,
Inner Peace brings forth Implicit Serenity,
Serenity is the fountainhead of Peacefulness,
Peacefulness makes us Self Aware,
Thus expands heart of awareness limitless,
And makes us self-observing,
Thus a life full of life is crafted,
Making us free like air around.
Self Awareness brings us close to Final Reality,
A nothingness from which springs everything,
Everything comes with the Union with our Lord.
Harbans Khajuria


5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Silence is golden and must always be tested for realising its worth. Lets test it just as an experience sake and see what results it will create. Sure enough, it will bring you unexpected dividends. It has done so in my life, it will surely in your life also.

  2. Today is the Mauni Amavasvasya.It is the day, according to Shruti Smriti, the universe was created.
    On this auspicious day we should try introspection and keep silent for today at least.
    Confucius has rightly said, “Silence is the true friend which never betrays”. Silence conveys more than what spoken words tell us. God can only be found in silence and not in noise and restlessness. And kindly keep silent at least today and find its importance.

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