Fear of failure should daunt us not,

To traverse on the paths untrodden,

Finally leaving footprints on the spotless whitepaper of time,

And immortalize thyself through your creations.

Fear of blizzard on the way to the mountain top,

Deters not the dauntless mountaineers,

To pursue their goal to mount,

Hindrances surmounting with grit & determination,

And sets his foot on the top of the mountain,

And breathe the air fresh,

Where heaven meets the ground,

And win battle against all odds.

Our mental faculty takes a tailspin,

When swallowed by terror,

Of inhumane amongst humans,

Who make mockery of humanity,

For their own selfish ends.

Horror of invisible ghosts,

Ought not cow thee down,

Try winning the fear,

With the thinking,

That a ghost of fear in thee,

Can harm thou more than the ghost elusive.

Fear of future and its happenings most shadowy,

Will take sail out of thy living ability,

If not confronted head-on with full capability.

Fear of death should frighten not,

To live present moment,

Peacefully and with full confidence at our command,

Should spur ye to challenge death,

I fear not thee – O Death,

And say, ‘come anytime anywhere’,

And challenge ‘ye can’t spoil my today’,

For I’ve stamped out the fear,

From my life for good and for my good.



3 thoughts on “FEAR

  1. It our life, we remain fearing unpredictables in our lives. This fear makes us still more fearful and in this way we do not act at all and meet failure after failure. But it should be our endeavour to fight our fear with all faculties at our command and rid ourselves from it.

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