Light we feel when all our burdens are still made light,
When we persevere power-driven by,
Our Creator’s uninterrupted-power supply,
For our Lord’s Light is Light Infinite.

Light is revitalizing,
Infuses life in all living beings.
Thru a miracle called photosynthesis.

Our opaque-intelligence changes,
Into transparent-knowledge,
With sparkle of light enlightened.

Mother of creativity in art is made,
Possible by hidden treasure gleam of love,
Using light of our mind’s eye,
Picking raw words one by one,
And garland these into thoughts,
Giving meaning to everything around,
With the help of light created,
In inner recesses of our heart.

With light darkness takes beating harsh,
And is changed into light itself,
Thus changing dark character.

With light shadowy lurking doubts are cleared,
With the radiance of awareness in our beings,
With the Light created by our Supreme Being.

Harbans Khajuria


2 thoughts on “LIGHT

  1. If we utilise the inner source of our light, it can light the world at large. But for this, we have to know our own self. Our own self is an immense source of light. We ought to use this for removing darkness from our midst – never forgetting the role of our Creator for making us aware that there is a HUGE SOURCE OF LIGHT IN ALL OF US.
    KINDLY go through this and comment.

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