There are things in life which need not be kept alive in your memory – be it be your own ones to whom you held dear and ditched you. Even the friends, your own possessions, your own body, et al. If anybody or anything you hold to be indispensable part, just does not come to your assistance, you should not lament – just forget it all and start the life afresh. It is because our Creator is always there to provide and meet our demands if we want Him in our life. Yes he is more near to us than we are near to our own body. Just seek His help and it will be proved straightaway.

Who told forgetting is NOT BAD?

Forgetting the loved ones,
Ye tendered with utmost care once,
Sheltering him while withstanding more,
The sun’s glare of the summer noon without demure.

A friend who banked on you,
In thick and thin every now and then,
Thee met his needs when called for,
Whence ye need him the most,
He shows ye his back,
Just forget it.

A weapon which you oiled much,
For your safety from agents inimical,
Out of the blue it failed,
When ye needed it the most,
Just forget it.

Your earnings in the bank,
Bankrolled in the account book,
But when needed in crisis,
Failed thy want test.
Just forget it.

Thy own bodily reflexes,
On cues of which you prided the most,
Fail you,
When situation demanded the most,
Just forget it.

A bad dream coming true,
Badly impacts thy day’s routine,
Just forget it.

A stranger who shows ye,
The way amidst thy bad patch,
Just embrace him,
With all his baggage.
Do not forget it.



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