It has been seen that we are in the habit of making irrational and unethical comparisons with others without knowing our own self fully. We compare our material possessions, spiritual awakening, intelligence et al. By doing so, we neither do justice to yourself nor to others – consequently a life full of confusion results. With this intention in view, I have penned down a poem titled, Comparison, please comment because your comments guide me to write more on varied subjects.


Likening thy social status,

With the social standings of those,

Who earned it putting their everything at stake,

And resorting to create means,

By embracing ways most demeaning,

To meet the mirage of standards,

Leading to heartburns,

And sac-full of hurts,

To thee and the people most dear.

Comparing thy mental capabilities,

With those with more abilities,

Earned by burning mid night oil,

And losing self to gain infamy fame,

Adoption of shortcuts leading to vicious circle,

Resulting in falling into quagmire of thy own making.

Comparing thy spiritual reach out,

With the Spiritual Gurus of repute,

But themselves doing precious little to know,

Thy own self!

Delve deep into your own self,

And know thyself finally,

Knowing self means knowing everything else.

Thus ending the unending willingness for comparisons.



Author: Harbans

GOD is very compassionate with us in every way, need is to use those blessings which are the results of His bounties and thank Him for everything that He gives us. We should also share these bounties with our fellow-beings. I am the person who loves God and His Creations. I love my Creator and not fear Him. My children are adjusted to life, incommensurate, to their Karma and destiny. I have served as a Sr CGO for about 38 years in a Central Govt. Presently I am serving as an Adm Offer with an Engineering College. I am a spiritual person with liberal ways of thinking. I respect all the religions as I respect mine since I understand that all the religions are the pathways to a SINGLE ENTITY - paths for connecting with Him may be different but the ULTIMATE SOURCE IS ONE. I want to be a student till last day of my life. I am a homeopath also, which I pursue as a social service only. Happy moments, I take as God's Gifts, sad ones I take as His Test for me. I believe that He will surely assist me in this Test of His, come what may. Really. I have more belief in Him than I am on my own. You can comprehend my philosophy in life from my write-ups which I write while interacting with them. I firmly believe that every person has the special characteristic which other fellows cannot have and I respect that person as such. With the grace of Almighty God, a book entitled INNER THOUGHTS which could be purchased online from This book is based on the topics which have been penned down. That is why it is rightly said if intentions are good, everything goes well with you.

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