Greed, jealousy, deceit, conceitedness et al are the enemies of us humans. It is difficult to eradicate these evils from our system so easily. It has been seen that greed has virtually seeped into our system and eating the vitals of our society. We want to have everything so as to raise our status in the society. This may be by taking somebody legitimately earned possessions. We sometimes tend to adopt different stratagems to possess what is not ours. This may be by deceit, by fraudulent means and what not. Even in our families, different methods such as emotional blackmail, treachery etc. is being adopted by different members of the house-hold to lay hand on a share which is legitimately not theirs. This is a real tragedy.

Greed is a handicap in our way for spiritual forward journey and when so called awaked personage does this then God is our savior. With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled: Greed. Please go through and offer your kind comments because I get fillip in my spirits through your comments.


Whatever is mine remains mine for ever,

Ask questions? Never!

Whatever is yours can certainly turn into mine,

Ask questions and face tune of life time.

Snatching by default or through treachery so hideous,

That the victim remains oblivious,

Of what happened at what time?

Where to and how a person is plundered,

Of his lifetime possessions earned.

Sometimes his bank account is siphoned slowly,

By the persons responsible for its safety,

Other times a relation so dear transfers house property in his name,

Not giving even slight inkling of this action so despicable,

And sometime through emotional blackmail of highest order,

Adopting ways that even a notorious conman may feel ashamed,

Alas! this has become a commonplace incident in almost every household,

Virtually throwing the hapless victim to elements outside,

Leaving him without even a safe shelter against sun and rain,

Greed of some has graduated to such a degree,

That for money’s sake some take others’ life,

As though their heart is bereft of any hurt.

O our Creator so dear to all,

Your succor is immensely needed by one and all,

Fill our people with abundant virtue in abundance,

So that natural tendencies of pity,

And goodwill prevails in all human beings.

And rid them of greed.



6 thoughts on “GREED

  1. What a difference life would be without greed for anything. This negative tendency shatters our day-to-day living. Kindly comment because I love comments for my improvement and further motivation.

  2. jalal michael sabbagh.

    Great poem,greed is a bad virus .Thank you for liking my post ( Gols and soil.) have a great day.jalal

  3. innym, nie obawą przedtem smokiem. Lasonya Był w obcym miasteczku, w obcym
    kraju, o dziwnych,
    niepojętych zwyczajach. Zdawał samemu niejasno sprawę,
    że proces sądowy ze smokiem to pierwsza
    zasada zagrożeń. Trzeba

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