An inborn feeling – so passionate,

Mixed with charming intention,

Like the love of a mother for the young one,

One who, with loving care, showers affection,

That it evokes warmth in feeling,

An immense surge of emotion,

In the toddler just born,

The hidden meaning of love is mirror-reflection,

On the face of both the mother and the child,

Apparently like a secret well kept between the two,

The child and the mother,


Akin to Mother Earth,

Gifts everything the whole lots without bias,

With no desire for a return gift,

But endure bleeding of her bosom by the humans,

For satisfying  greed to meet its need

That is the compassion – an unmatched one.


A longing that kindness creates for the people around,

People in need of your attention,

One who’s staying power has dissipated,

The more intensive thy compassion,

The reward of yours…

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