Patience – Makes Huge Difference

Patience – Makes Huge Difference

There are occasions when we feel too much off the track and out of sync with our own true self. All the courses seem woefully closed – no way out to wriggle out of the situation. We are neither here nor there.

The reason for this sorry state of affairs is due to the following:-

·       Disproportionate loss in business.

·       Loss of love one.

·       Not able to meet targets despite hard efforts.

·       Family responsibilities hard to be fulfilled.

It is indeed very hard to come out of the tight spot, for which, sometimes, we ourselves are responsible. 

It is a considered fact that if we are not able to do something tangible ourselves, then nobody would be coming to our rescue. Others can only suggest some way out. But means to the required end have to come from us only.

We feel ourselves in similar situation as Lord Ramji ardent Devotee (Bhagat) Hanumanji used to be before He was reminded of HIS ULTIMATE POWERS sequel to a curse (shrap) by a Rishi.

 For us too, it should be remembered, when way out seems hard to come by, we have to delve deep inside our own selves. Having Known self, means there is nothing more to be known. This paves the way for our self realization and a self realized person does everything with the ablest partnership of the CREATOR.

It should in no way be forgotten that we ought to have PATIENCE in all our endeavour. It should never be forgotten ‘Rome was not built in a day’. If we want to succeed, we will have to withstand hardships. Many a times, we may have to face failures. Failure hardly means feeling dejected / disheartened and leave the field frightened of the still more failure(s). Failure ought to be stepping stone and not stumbling block for our journey ahead.

Without losing ourselves and not feeling dismayed, we should strive still harder, just thinking – sweeter would be the outcome if more we sweat with forbearance, courage and with staying power.

By following the ‘PATIENCE PATH’ patiently High Mountain can grow shorter when we try climbing it. Perseverance to strive on should be our exhortation. Heat, cold, blizzards, et al should not deter us.

Even to meet our CREATOR we have to make a sincere and honest effort with positive mental frame and patience in abundance.

A Poem titled: PATIENCE has been penned down. Kindly go through an comment as your comments are the life force for my write-ups.


A traveler trudging the desert,

In the scorching heat so harsh,

Of the hot sun above,

And the sand down under his weary feet,

Both competing in heat emissions with fullest fury,

The sand mixed hot air slaps hapless traveler’s face,

Repeatedly in rage,

Dried lips and parched tongue telling heavily,

Not even a strand of green grass to feel a life within vicinity,

Only lifeless vast expanse of sandy desert so searing,

A look yonder from where he stood transfixed,

Perceives, a stream of water flowing,

The oasis in sand dunes seemed a far cry,

Taking toll on the poor traveler in the desert,

Woefully making him badly weary bodily,

But his spirits to go on remain undaunted,

Spurs the traveler to go on to meet the objective undeterred,

On and on he goes = challenging and surmounting,

One hurdle after another with his steely will unflagging,

And thence his final award cometh from our beloved Creator,

A cool drizzle cools his body and the environs around,

Cool in body but hotshot in spirits he says ‘THANK YOU’

To the Providence for His Gracious Bounty,

And makes his final pitch – a pitch of his lifetime,

And reaches his goal unscathed,

Which affirms – a mix of resolute will,

And His gracious intervention makes a huge difference.

Harbans Khajuria



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