Factually, it has been seen that TIME factors predominantly on animate and inanimate lives. It is through passage of time that we think of starting life-afresh after every failure. It is through onslaught time that everything ages and dies its natural death. Some meet their unnatural / pre-mature end due to some natural incidents likes earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards et al. For some, time is kind in some way or other while for others it is not.

 Karmic credit or debit accounts of previous lives too plays crucial role in our present lives. If we utilize the time element judiciously and with wisdom then bad karmic debit overdraft could be converted into karmic credit account and we could realize ourselves by knowing ‘self’ and by extension our Creator. This world and beyond viz galaxies, stars, planets etc too do not remain immune to the bombardment of time.

Time factors in our lives immensely. Nothing remains unaffected / oblivious by the onslaught of time. Everything ages with time – age factors much in our lives. From birth, adolescence, youth, adulthood, middle-age, oldage and finally death. We perform different functions in different part of our age group.  Every stage / age group has its own importance.

Time factors in humans lives immensely:-

v Pestering wounds get healed with the passage of TIME or may deteriorate.

v Debilitating diseases may get cured with passage of TIME when proper medi-care is provided or may be time element may worsen the effect.

v Relationships which may have broken due to some misunderstanding are just patched up with passage of TIME.

v Even the countries which had broken relations realized their futility and joined together with the passage of TIME. Like  East and West Germany got united and is progressing unitedly.

Light of the day removes darkness and makes us capable of handling various tasks. It is the time when we remain most active in our vocation or avocation. At night we remain in passive. It is the time when we relax and replenish the energy lost during day’s exertion. 

With time, seasons change from one season to another. We enjoy different climatic changes – heat, cold, rainy season, spring season. All these have their importance. The change in climates not only affects our functioning but the environs around also undergoes perceptible change.

A seed germinates into plantlet, grows into a plant and then a tree. Mother Nature plays an important part in every stage of its growth till its growth stops and mixes with the elements.

Rivers change their course with the passage of time. Many of the civilizations, which lived on the banks of the rivers, were adversely affected with sudden change in their course.

The passage of time does not leave even the buildings. The testimony of the crumbling of old buildings and monuments is proof enough of the influence of the time. Time leaves an indelible imprint on everything constructed by man or flaura and fauna.

We may miss something but time does not. It differentiates no one – high or low, big or small are targeted. Everybody and everything remain changing without doubt.

Many a civilizations which were bubbling with lives just perished, leaving only some impressions of their habitation. Mahanjo Daro and Harppa and many other civilizations were obliterated with the passing of time. Time wrought untold miseries and hunger on some and prosperity on others. 

 I have made an attempt to write something about TIME  and its affects, kindly go through it and comments. I love comments because these MOTIVTE  me to write MORE.


A delightful indicator whence the seed of an event was sown,

With its ageing, from one stage to a new one,

Enduring without demure,

Onslaughts of all seasons,

As time passed on,

A stage dawns when,

The small one becomes a full-sized tree yielding fruits by the tones,

Afterwards time tells upon it extensively,

The sturdy one becomes,

Fragile, its branches drooping,

And meets its poignant doom,

Time leaves an indelible imprint at every stage turning over.

Time-Wheel is its own master,

It obeys none whosoever,

Surges ahead without punctuation,

Tolerates nothing in its functions,

Breaking all barriers on its path without caution,

No cage is made to preserve it.

With its passage many seeping wounds get healed too,

Just as enemies turn into chums so bosom,

With the soothing balm of time,

Water & air can be stocked for future use,

Time makes histories of eventful events for posterity,

What happened at what time period?

But time itself is neither an event nor an event of any kind,

In itself it can neither be measured nor travelled,

But still Time is unparalleled.

Harbans Khajuria





Author: Harbans

GOD is very compassionate with us in every way, need is to use those blessings which are the results of His bounties and thank Him for everything that He gives us. We should also share these bounties with our fellow-beings. I am the person who loves God and His Creations. I love my Creator and not fear Him. My children are adjusted to life, incommensurate, to their Karma and destiny. I have served as a Sr CGO for about 38 years in a Central Govt. Presently I am serving as an Adm Offer with an Engineering College. I am a spiritual person with liberal ways of thinking. I respect all the religions as I respect mine since I understand that all the religions are the pathways to a SINGLE ENTITY - paths for connecting with Him may be different but the ULTIMATE SOURCE IS ONE. I want to be a student till last day of my life. I am a homeopath also, which I pursue as a social service only. Happy moments, I take as God's Gifts, sad ones I take as His Test for me. I believe that He will surely assist me in this Test of His, come what may. Really. I have more belief in Him than I am on my own. You can comprehend my philosophy in life from my write-ups which I write while interacting with them. I firmly believe that every person has the special characteristic which other fellows cannot have and I respect that person as such. With the grace of Almighty God, a book entitled INNER THOUGHTS which could be purchased online from This book is based on the topics which have been penned down. That is why it is rightly said if intentions are good, everything goes well with you.


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