Accept it or not, it is a travesty of fact that we in our lives are shown short shrift many a times. More so, in case of senior citizens, when they are constrained to take somebody else succor even for attending to their minutest needs. Their opinion is not counted in any important matter of the household; notwithstanding the fact that may be everything that is there in the house is due to their hard labour during their life time!

This indifference or cold shouldering is experienced in the office or may be at homes. It is also observed that when somebody at the helm shows indifference to us, we experience deep pain, more pronounced, treatment meted out to you is sudden or when you least expected the same.

 You can just imagine three case scenarios:-

  • Workplace. How would you feel when suddenly the person at the helm of affairs in the office starts showing indifference / cold shouldering you, that too suddenly? He does not confide in you for any important functions, instead prefers some other employee,  pitiably your junior? It goes to show that there is some problem in the adjustment with the official work or may be your general behavior has to undergo  perceptible improvement / change suiting the organization or the individual concerned. 


  • Household Responsibilities. When the elder in the family does not care for the needs and aspiration of a particular person in the family or maybe he / she not assigned responsibilities impinging on the affairs of the home. In the business also, that person’s opinion is just ignored. What is the predicament of that person vis-à-vis the family affairs? You can well imagine.


  • Self Realization. If somebody’s prayers to the deity are not answered by our Lord. What is the state of that individual? In this sort of scenario, the person may turn atheist or rationalist.


     Think of this, if a particular person at the helm is cold shouldering you it will impact you adversely. The solution lies in you only, either you have to be adaptable to the change,fight it out and earn your esteem in his / her eyes or flight from the situation if that is the best thing under the circumstances. WHAT YOU WILL DO? Kindly tell me?


With this intention in view, I have penned down a poem: COLD BEHAVIOUR. Kindly appraise and comment. I love your comments really.




Lack of warmth in the relation,

A life without compassion,

Feelings rooted in repulsion,

Is a life with missing cooperation.


Deathly indifference all pervasive,

Uneasy calm extensive,

Bereft of concern – retrogressive, alas!

Aimless emptiness in attitude looming large,

Tense behaviour engulfing,

Making the environment searing,

Surprisingly, with the freezing coldness in feeling!


Stony-heartedness robbing the very peace of life,

Crumbling the edifice of existence,

And resulting in creation of hell out of Seventh Heaven.


What a life our would be,

With basketful of warmth in feelings,

Concerned when concern is immensely needed,

Loving-kindness when kindness is a crying need.


Harbans Khajruia




    1. First of all thanks a million times for paying your gracious visit to my blog and liking the post. People in general face these sort of problems. Care ought to be exercised that others’ emotions are not punctured unnecessarily.


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