Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Ans: While future is unpredictable cannot be disputed at all. Though we plan properly to meet these unpredictable eventualities yet result may not be to our liking. Life brings in its wake multifarious events which we least expect. It is thus advisable that we should always be ready to meet any unforeseeable contingencies head on – getting less nervous but more courageous in handling handling emergencies.

I was studying in college. My 12th standard result was out. Now was the time when I had to think about joining some professional colleges for a meaningful career. Just then there was a huge turn of events. Lost my father suddenly with a heart attack – had lost my mother a few years back. Such was my predicament that I could not make any perceptible decision as to what I should follow as my profession. I could not join any professional institution because of financial stringency because there was none to bank on for monetary help – required anyhow for following some vocation or avocation. This was a situation which caused heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness naturally the cause of huge dose of adrenaline. I could not take independent decisions on further course to be followed. No light was visible at the end of the tunnel.

it is well said that when nothing works in your favour something from somewhere happens you do not fathom where from it’s come about but just happens which changes the course of action for you. This mystic experiment though is highly surprising but it happens in everybody’s life and remind us one thing: WHEN NOTHING WORKS OUR LORD WORKS FOR US.

Then suddenly; from somewhere I got the required funds for my further education consequently all the dark clouds enveloping me just evaporated in thin air without even a slightest adverse implications on me. Completed the education pursuits; got everything from life with His participation and He bestowed me with everything which is required for life to live a meaningful life.

Now my final prayer to my Creator is that just as Thee have come to my succor; kindly come to the succor of others too when they strongly need Thy help!