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Am I depressed?what should I do?

My personality has changed completely.last time when i laughed was 6 months back.these days i only smile to show others that i m happy.there s no use of telling my family bcoz they think i m just actingn i want to hurt them.i wanted to commit suicide bcoz i hv no hope for future.

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First of all the way you have asked question shows that you yourself are skeptical whether you are depressed or not – this shows that really you are not but the situation in which you are placed is not allowing you to come out of this ‘depressed’ rut. This also gives the solution in your question itself!

Secondly smile is good. But this smile should emanate from your inner being not a showy one which we see almost everywhere. For this to happen we should take into account the following points.

1. Know yourself. First and foremost thing is to know our ‘self’. To know self we have to know our positive characteristics like compassion; pity; piety; kindness towards others et al. Also we ought to know our negative traits like anger; greed; vanity; jealousy et al. These negative traits are to be changed to positive ones by auto suggestion to our mind. It’ll not be a easy task initially but what you repeat a number of times it becomes a habit. Having transformed your negativity to positivity we can just know our ‘self’ fully.

2. Everything Starts with you & ends with you. This should never be forgotten. You are the centre of gravity. Your own self esteem is a must. For this to happen; it is a must that you should respect others. It is based on give and take. If you give respect; you will get in the same manner. It is based on the theory of ‘action and reaction equal and opposite’.

3. Love Yourself. One who loves himself/herself loves others in the same manner. Loving just comes back to you it is reciprocated.

4. Just control your Satiety Level. You should not be swayed by the demonstrative effect of others. Just be satisfied with what you have. Never compare yourself with others at all. Compete with yourself not with others. Others have many things which they have got with other means other than the honest ways. Whatever you have be satisfied.

5. Remember your Creator. Be ever thankful to your Creator. Whatever religion you follow just remember that religion is a pathway to connect with our Lord. If confronted with problem; just discuss with your LORD and you’ll get the answer. But that question to HIM should be based on sincerity. Just leave your problems with your CREATOR and see how they get solved.

6. Just think of People who are not having bounties less than your own. At least you can express yourself think of people who cannot do so still are pulling with their lives. They are not the weak kneed people. They are sturdy willed persons.

Be thankful to our LORD and live just the moment and not the past or future. Nobody has seen tomorrow ever since and nobody will live the past which is dead. This moment is yours for asking. Enjoy it and see the difference.

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