My boss hates me and treats me like ****?

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My boss hates me and treats me like ****?

My new boss (a woman in her late forties) treats me horribly. She wants me to be stick to my office chair all day long. If I want to get coffee or something.She keeps checking on me in the kitchen. I caught her a couple of time checking if I was in my office. It’s crazy!

I’m a hard working employee. I finish my tasks on time (if not before). I only leave my office when I need to. She does not treat other employees the same way though they don’t work as hard as me.

Once she called to her office asking me why did my backup didn’t take my tasks during my vacation!! shouldn’t she ask my backup?

I feel like she just want a find a reason not to give me a good evaluation to get the annual bonus.

What should I do?

• 6 days ago
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One thing positive about you is that you are very hard working and devoted to your task – the felicity with which you finish your job is really praiseworthy.

Dealing with a boss who does not trust you; one has to conduct one self with tact and diplomacy rather than feeling let down whenever she / he distrust you. The following should be kept in mind:-

1. Have Confidence on your Faculties. You should have confidence on your capabilities but please do not fall into the pitfalls of showing it to the public that are the one. They should know through your work culture and not through your tall talk. But have confidence and not over-confidence!

2. Never put off things. Procrastination just spoils every thing.

3. Speak out when required. If clarifications are to be given give them in the best manner required. Never over-speak. And while speaking please do not forget that you are speaking to your superior who can influence your promotion prospects.

4. Try Adjusting. Adapting in the adverse environment is the quality which you should adopt.

5. Challenge the challenges. Do not feel despondent when you are thrown a challenge. Fact it head on.

6. The one who dislikes you is disliked by someone else. It is axiomatic that one who detests you is detested by somebody at her / his home. And she/he want to take cudgels against others while they are burning from inside themselves! Do not curse them but take pity on them. Really. Just ask about the life of that LADY BOSS of yours she must be suffering some psy problems.

If you want to change change yourself rather than changing others then you’ll adjust in any environs you are put in. Understand it and find the difference.


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