Tree with roots

Roots support tree’s body
Provide necessary foods
That its body needs
For sustaining
Strength for standing
Dead body tissues replacing
Themselves deep earth entrenching
Its tentacles still deeper spreading
Even rocky beds piercing
Sometimes getting
Severe down under beating
Sometimes small stones curling
As mother cuddling
Her most dearest sibling
Season after season supporting
Helping in flower sprouting flowering
And even for giving fruits so mouth watering!
But roots beneath never wavering
Never forget if any parts gets pounding
The roots gives emotional feeling.

What happens when branches
With leaves
Flowers and fruits
Just forget roots!
Leave poor ones
Which have exhausted
After giving her everything
So that other parts may live
And stand erect and breathe freely
Look upward in prayer mode
Feel currents of air around.

Just like a mother tends its sibling
As teacher teaches his pupil
As living things are created by Creator
As representatives are chosen by voters
As oceans are sustained by river flows
As earth inhabitants are looked after by Mother Earth

Should we ever forget these roots?



3 thoughts on “ON FORGETTING ROOTS!!

  1. It is a paradox that we tend to forget our roots – with which due to which we exist. If this is so then our very existence is in doubt. We should always keep this in mind that we are due to our roots and should always be thankful to our root for our own benefit ultimately.

  2. life is a complex journey, we all have our own path, sometimes its tough to say what one should do or say.

    say for example, you can look at the banyan tree, when the tree is old, new trees are formed, that cut off from the actual root 🙂

    i dont preach what i cant practice, i have had to cut off my life from my family due to some extremely grave reasons, so how can i preach others to maintain their family ties no matter what!!

    life itself is a teacher!

    1. Sharmishtha ji kindly accept my sincere thanks for your most valuable comments.

      You are right; old orders change giving place to new ones. Sometimes it so transpires that we do not get what we actually want – may be due to circumstances beyond our control. If something goes out of control then also it does not matter. Too much attachment too leads to losing your own identity. And to lose identity is too ruinous. But we all should not forget our END OF JOURNEY of our life – ETERNAL SLEEP. So best thing is try to maintain root if efforts fail due to something beyond your control then keep everything on our LORD and just forget and live with it all!

      You are absolutely right to say that life is a great teacher. We get many a things through living these experiences.

      Those who live in diverse situations and keep their head clear are the wise people.


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