It is my profoundest pray to our Creator that 2014 may bring in its wake fructification of hopes and aspirations of humanity. It may also eliminate trust deficit that persists amongst us all. 



Our grateful thanks to our Lord

Who has gifted us

One more year to live for

And added to our kitty of years

That we’ve enjoyed with His blessings

And endowed with it thoughts so virtuous

To introspect as to what

We have done in the year

Gone by and what He wants

Us humans to achieve in the year coming

With His active partnership

Upholding the principles of righteousness.



Let’s live this year

With our body brimming with

Love and let this immeasurable love

Ooze out of us all

Spreading far and wide

Like wild but soothing flood

Which removes dirt and filth

From the earth around

Mesmerizing and overpowering everybody

And everything that comes

In its sway by its mighty waves.


Let’s spread the message of benevolence

It cements the relations amongst humans.


Compassion for all without prejudice

It makes even the swine sublime.


Pity for those hapless

Who’re just down but not out

Giving something from your own to the needy.


Spread the message of truthfulness

Amongst those who are not blessed

With this Dharma.



Let 2014 year be bereft of hate

Hate brings more hate in its wake.



Let this year be an year free of greed

For greed is the enemy of self-restraint

And a breeding ground for dishonesty.


Let this year be without malice towards none

It spreads disquiet in the societies.


Let this year be free of jealousy towards none

Because jealousy brings hatred amongst our own.

Let this year be without anger towards none

For anger is the enemy of peace and harmony amongst every one.


Let this year be without hostility towards none

For it is the mother of gloom.

Let this year be minus distrust amongst us

It is the enemy of trust amongst humans.


That is the wish list of mine

For the year 2014 & beyond even.


O Creator of ours

Pray make this year more fruitful than ever

So that all rightful hopes get fructify

And new mindset dawns

Shedding off the old-narrow ones.









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