There are eight stages of our life. In each stage there is systematical development and evolution of physical/mental/emotional besides spiritual development. But in actual practice do we aim for continual spiritual – transcendental development from early stages till the last stage or fritter away the chances bestowed to us by the Mother Nature.


        Unfortunately we remain procrastinating the spiritual development from one stage to another till we reach oldage when it is really too late. There should be a continuous effort by an individual to progress for Eternal Enlightenment from beginning itself over and above the natural tendencies of development in different stages of our life.


          We are living in the world of our own making thinking that spiritual development is only left for Middle Adulthood to Oldage only without thinking that next moment may or may not come for us because of non-expectancy of our life!





God is so kind to us all

In giving this body of ours

A temple with innate faculties and potentialities

And with it will to change our negativity into positivity

Thus transform situation from hell to heaven

Or make hell out of heaven

Freewill is solely ours!


In the mother’s cozy womb

Though very warm

The toddler has its world confined

Coming out of that world

Tiny tot observes the human faces

With wide open eyes!

Looks in askance

Thence mother hand caressing

The child’s tender self so charming

Putting her ineffaceable stamp

Of love – creating sense of trust

With every touch.


When early childhood dawns

Dear ones in the household just come to fore

Provide the child a sense of personal control

Over physical skills and liberty from outer control

In natural calls

Here success leads to independence

Letdown a feeling of shame and further doubts.


In preschool stage the child begins taking control

Over the environs

Through its inquisitiveness

Infusing sense of purpose if successful

A feeling of guilt

If failure knocks the doorstep.


Then approaches the period  when child is admitted in school

With too many of demands on tiny tot

Success leads to vigor

And initiatives galore

Here not meeting demands leads

To lowliness in behavior patterns.


Next is the  period of adolescence

It is the age with a bag filled with sensitivities

A stage of life when teens

Are confused lots

What to seize and what to leave?

Here establishment of personal identity

And sense of self comes to the fore

Success leads to more success & more confidence

But failure leads to mess and more confusion

And loss of face as a conclusion.


Most impressionable period of life is adulthood

When one cultivates good relations

With the peer group and others

Here maturity is the name of the game

Success leads to establishing identity

While failure leads to rank perplexity

And further isolation and anxiety.


Middle adulthood is important period

When we partly serve for eking bread for ourselves

And the family we have created

It is age in which we engender positive change

Benefiting ourselves and our dear ones

Here success leads to feeling full of satisfaction

But when faced with dilemma of failure leads to stagnation.


Thence there is a period of older adulthood

It is a period when we introspect and look back

What we accomplished in the life so lived

Success leads us to a feeling so sagacious

However failure puts us into the deep well of despair

And further pushes us to a bed full of thorns

It is a stage when we should devote in totality to our Lord

And thank Him for His mercies

Despite our miseries

Which we’ve earned because of our own follies.







  1. amazing journey through life Harbans, I loved the way you said the things I think, it really depends a lot on our choice, whether we will see heaven in hell, or hell in heaven- have seen people doing both!

    1. Yes Sharmishtha ji choice rests totally on us humans what sort of life we want to live; it is our freewill. There are the people who think that they have earned name and fame and that is the purpose for which he / she has come to this world thus totally forgetting the true purpose of our journey to this earth.

      Material possession is not be all and end all. Satiety without anything but thinking cap is the answer to our questions. Choice is ours; totally.

    1. My respectful thanks to you for gracing my blog and going through these. I am really inspired by your kind words. Motivating indeed.

      In every line of thoughts ‘freewill’ remains ours. It is our inner strength which prompts us to take the right course of action.

      I pray to our Lord to be kind enough to be with us always and associate with us in all our good deeds.

      My profoundest regards

  2. My profundest regards to you sir,

    I am really honoured that you have graced my blog with your visit. Yes sir, God is really great in bestowing us many choices and given us the chance to delve on different things at the same time but final choice is ours only. And for that we have to be responsible. If we go wrong loss would be ours.


  3. I agree with you – we are spiritual beings, as well as physical ones, and if we relished and studied our spirituality from childhood on, it would make our time here on earth so much more interesting – and easier in a sense. Our schools teach nothing of that aspect of ourselves – our spirituality – and many ‘church’ schools don’t either. As parents and mentors of children, we should talk to them about their inner selves. I just realized that I need to do that now with my little grandchildren, even though they’re 5 and under. THANKS.

    1. Ma’m thanks a lot for appraising my write up and offering your most valuable comments. I am inspired by your commnts.

      Facts remain,all the violence that is being preached by the media exposure is taking a big toll on the impressionable minds. Though I should say, everything is not bad but the small children cannot chaff out good from bad, somebody mature is required to guide these innocents so that they adopt correct course.

      The violence in the schools which we had recently witnessed is all due to the fact we parents and grandparents fail to give their ‘quality time’ to them and especially so the spiritual side of knowhow. Spiritual preachings (not everything) but the best thing which can transform their mentality – so that the children are able to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong. They should also be told about the consequences of following good/right course as shown by our LORD.

      Thanks and regards

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