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Are Hindu religious festivals more social than Christian and Muslim festivals?

Such as Hindu’s Holi where every one plays with colour, Kali Puja or Diwali’s cracker explosion, Bhai fota a festival when sisters bless their brothers for good luck, are they more social?

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Festivals of all the religions attract all the people equally. We cannot say that one festival is more social than the other –  is our figment of imagination.

Just think of Eid or Christmas Day or Diwali; the people of all hues attach the same importance and show their social fervour and enthusiasm. The feeling can be seen on their faces. It can also be seen in the market places etc. No difference in social stature at all. All the festivals elicit equal spiritual feeling. This is really great thing.


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  1. I believe iftaar parties are beautiful social gatherings, cant remember any such christian festival though. But Hindus will certainly win, all Hindu festivals are enjoyed together-family, friends, locals…

    1. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy every festivals because I have served in armed forces wherein you have opportunity of mixing with everybody. Being one; having same feelings for all the festivals is the name of the game. I have enjoyed all.

      1. Yes ma’m I have been very lucky in every way. He had been very kind to me to have given the simplest habits in life – even satiety level too.

  2. I’ve nominated you for the wordpress ‘Sunshine Award’ – please follow the link for more info and how to accept: http://topofthetent.com/2014/01/22/sunshine-award-another-thank-you/
    PS. I think one person’s idea of ‘sociable’ can be another’s idea of ‘hell’ – it’s all relative, I guess. Having said that, as long as we are reaching out to others, we are being sociable – after that, it’s just a question of technique. A thought-provoking question – thanks!

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