How to gain confidence to interact with people?

How to gain confidence to interact with people?

  • Devil asked 2 years ago




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  • Harbans  answered 2 years ago

Just know thyself fully before you want to know others for interaction. Just explore what are your shortcomings which come in your way while you are interacting with others. It is not that it will come in a few days. It is a practice which you will have to do holistically. The following should also be borne in mind:-

1} Know your weak areas and devise ways to plug those weak areas. If required, you can attend some course in public speaking and behaviour.

2} Knowing your weak area and then taking proactive action to rectifying the same, just put those learnt traits into practice by venturing the first of initiating dialogue with someone known to you. It is just to be sure that if you fumble, the other party may not take offence.

3} Third step is to be precise and to the point in your expression of your view points. Not to be too much assertive but be persuasive to a point

4} If you repeat a thing, it becomes your habit in the long run. Bear in mind, we never lose by making a try. Try and see what the other party reacts.

5} Sure enough, your own efforts will bring dividends. Be at ease. Do not be impatient to put in your point of view.

6} Listen with sincerity the others’ view and then give your own.

All in all, I can say that you only can make a difference, so train yourself for a change and the results will be astounding.

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Arnold answered 2 years ago

1) think of a time when you were having a blast
2) remember it from a 3rd person perspective
3) now remember it normally from your perspective and feel whatever you felt then, and I mean go in DETAIL.
4) rub your left fist
5) imagine interacting with someone new, while feeling great like you did in the event you remembered above
6) rub your left fist again

I know it seems crazy but it works, if you do that before you go out, anytime you start feeling insecure, just rub your left fist, and your mind will automatically send you the feelings you just installed. Try it!