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I’m seriously clueless… help?

So two years ago I was dead set on to becoming a actual person in my group of friends. We have lots of stuff in common but felt like they were always kicking me to the side and ignoring me. So I changed, my outer appearence(got rid of acne scars, got contacts, etc.) got rid of my lisp, got a confidence boost, and started getting into fashion. Before I knew it instead of me following them around they started following me around.

All of a sudden the people who made fun of me want to become my friends? I really rather not be friends with them because of there unstable wild personalities but, I don’t want to be mean because I know how much it hurts mentally to be rejected. I don’t want to destroy what I’ve acomplished either with my friends now. “Oh you want to hang with the jocks and cheerleaders now? Fine leave.”

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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

Well your initial phase of life started with your friends. You had a lot of experiences together. After this stint, you were wise enough to leave them and start your own life independent of these people.

It is good that you changed yourself and adopted a way of living suited for yourself, which gave you confidence and everything else which makes a person self disciplined. Good for yourself.

In my view, you should not leave your old friends in the lurch. Just try changing their outlook on life. Try convincing them that the life they are leading will not take them anywhere. A life to be well lead is the one which follows with self introspection, self discipline and what it entails. Sure enough, if these people are good thinkers, they will change – which would be good for you all.

And if they are not changing themselves despite your best efforts, then leave them altogether. Then you will not have any bad feeling that you have not done anything for them for changing their outlook on life.
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