(HOLI IS ON 17th MARCH 2014)

Holi is the popular festival of colours. It is also called the festival of love. It starts with a Holika bonefire on the night before Holi. People gather around the bonefire and dance with joy. The next morning people apply colour on their love ones, friends or even strangers too are not spared. People go to their relatives and friends and even go to the people who do not meet eye to eye with them and forget their enmity for a peaceful living thereafter – with colour and sweets to spread the message of love. Some dance to the tunes of drums while smearing themselves in the riot of colours.

Holi festival signifies the victory of good over evil. It also signifies the end of winter and arrival of pleasant spring. It is a festival when people forget their differences and thus mend their ruptured relationships. It is celebrated at the approach of Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon).

In Braj region, where Krishna grew up, Holi has special significance. It is celebrated for 16 days. It commemorates the divine love of Radhika with Krishna.

I pray to Lord Krishna, who personifies indomitable love, to embue us all in His colours and help spread the universal message of peace and harmony between all the peoples of the world. AMEN


O Creators of ours
Imbue us in Thy indelible Colour
Thy colour touch our heart’s chords
Including every atoms of our body
Made of five elements which die
(Ether, earth, water, air & fire)
On the death of our mortal body
Only Thy colour & our Soul last
Manmade colours just are lost
After a few hours have passed
Pray colour us in Thy indelible colour!
Pray colour us in Thy colour!

A spirit of Spring Festival springs in all,
Scattering joy and hope,
Nature too is in its finest attire – so colourful,
When all around greenery abounds,
There is fragrance of blooming flowers,
With Full Moon as though it is chipping in, too,
To share the fun and joy of the people around.

Different people celebrate Holi with different style,
But the common strand of celebration remains alike,
People prepare special sweets to welcome dear their folks,
Shopkeepers & women are busiest lots,
Bestowing magnetism to their living places,
Bonhomie pervades wheresoever’s thy eyes surveys,
Abuzz with activity mixed with rainbow of colour riot,
Scenes at the market places are indeed mesmeric.

Legend has it that a mighty and conceited,
Demon King Hiranyakashyap prided his prowess the most,
He wanted his subjects to worship him in place of God above,
Virtuous Prahlad, his own son agreed not,
Being a staunch devotee of Lord of Preservation – Lord Vishnu,
The King wanted his son to be put to sword – very soon,
For not obeying his dictates,
Different methods were used to kill but in vain.

Hiranyakashyap had a sister named Holika,
Blessed with a boon of not being burnt by blazing fire,
Both were made to enter a bonfire at full fury,
Thinking fire will harm her not due to boon to her,
But just opposite ensued,
Prahlad came unscathed with grace of Lord Vishnu,
Whilst Holika met her end most tragic.

Legend too has it that Lord Krishana Played holi with his beloved Gopies,
To shower love and affection with the shower of colours.

Holi celebrated at Vrindavan, Mathura,
And Bursana is so matchless even today,
Thread of that time remains in fact intact,
People light a bonfire on the night before Holi Day,
With devout heart brimming with bliss,
Celebrate triumph of good over evil,
And also remember how devotion to Lord gets rewarded still.
People play with varied colours,
Intoxicated with joy of the day,
Pour coloured water to each other,
Songs, dance and beats on the drums abound everywhere,
People exchange greetings and pray to God for His bounties.

Our prayers to Thee our Lord
Do colour us all in Thy Holy colour
So that peace and harmony spreads amongst all.



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