Never thought my wife doing this, I feel help less, am I wrong? Should I keep more tracking on my wife?

I posted my another question may be 2 yrs back (u may see that), she had a chat frnd younger to her, she shared her pic and lied to me, but things sattled then after. But for last few months i seen some no calling her and that number is not save list, i tried to find things again. I found they are still talking over phone, To find that one day i went to my frnds home in office hour (He was at his office and gave keys to me), which is adjacent to our house and our room can be seen. I saw she talking on phone for 30-40 min. Then she went for bath, she came out and immediately answered her phone, then she talked another 20-30 min while dressing(I seen the same number in her mobile during that time. Then while talking she starts her laptop and then dropped the phone n doing something on laptop. After 2 days i did the same and seen the same thing. This time i had a binocular, i seen she chatting on laptop. I seen both of them on cam too.

Then I planned (while my friend was out for tour) for 1 night and i said i will be with my frnds for drinks. I went out at 8 and I intentionally kept my cam on with my one ID Kept the laptop hidden place, where she won’t understand) and given full access to my another ID. I went to my frnd home and logged in from there and started seeing on home webcam, upto 10 all was normal. but after that she came to our room and called from her mobile. then she called me, we talked for 10 min or so. After our call she again initiated a call and talked around 10-15 min, then she loged into her ID while talking, then i seen her chattting and then they started there webcam. then after about an hour she got up from chair and came back wearing an very appealing dress. I noticed the boy was also not wearing the earlier dress.

I had no words after that, i m maintaining a healthy relation after tht incident too. As i really don’t know what to do. I really want to know how to handle this? Should I keep more tracking on my wife?

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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

A relationship to be maintained and kept in tact requires consideration from all sides. Both wife and husband should not have any lurking feeling for each other. They should live a life of accommodation of each others viewpoints. And when something untoward nags the other party then it should not be swept under the carpet. Doubt creates more doubts and ultimately takes away the peace of mind. This type of life becomes dull and monotonous leading to make life a virtual hell. A pragmatic approach by each spouse for respecting the others view and live a life pure of mind and heart.

A life has to be lived and a healthy relationship between husband and wife is a must. A patient talk with your wife is called for. Sort out the differences lest a situation is created where your life becomes
rather more complex. The sooner you do it the better for you and your wife. But be very considerate about what transpired in the past. Start with a clean slate your life with your wife. Stalking your wife is not the answer to your nagging predicament.

Just be clear about what you should do. Life is to live out and live out peacefully. Just tell your wife also. She will realize her fault and mend her ways. Just do not present all the proof you have gathered. Just passing, say that you are in the know of all the things but want to live peacefully with trust as your principle.

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