The Mirror is easily shattered? Help.?

I always set my values, thoughts, beliefs and I walk forward trying to aim for what’s important, but every now and then I seem to look at the mirror and see a face with no …show more

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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

From the account you have penned down it is evident that you give too much credence to your values in life, your beliefs are quite dear to you. You also tend to follow and implement what is more important. Till this everything is too good and fine. But if you still stretch your imagination too much then there is over stressing / over pressing / over stretching yourself to a limit of not returning. This, in my view, may take to a realm of imagination and not reality. Too much everything is bad. Take one thing at a time and do your best in delving upon that in your present moment. Exert your maximum. If successful in that endeavour, it is a premium, and if not, it should not depress you. It should be a stepping stone for still more efforts and not put you in ‘depression’. Moving on in life is more important than solving one problem or the other. The result should not impact you adversely.

But make you more determined. If it still makes you unsuccessful, hardly matter. Sky will not fall down if you could not get your result. It should not affect your mindset.

As far as to know about who I am. You are specially created for a mission in life. Everyone is created for a mission. He should perform that as if this is ordained by our Creator. Please do not be hyper sensitive with anything under the sun. Everything has got time tag for its fruition. Nothing comes without honest effort. So do not be overly influenced by small things in life. These are hurdles but the result after you surmount those hurdles would be highly rewarding.
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Thank you , friend. You have put my mind at ease atleast for now.

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