There is upbeat internal surge
When there is a birth of a solid urge
To excel with a desire to get more
Surfaces from thy inner self – to fore
And raises the pitch of thy confidence even further
Thence thee raise thyself to higher pedestal of life
For, there arises a self-fulfilling prophesy
Of touching the sky with glory
Creating a right image on the mind slate
Thee then challenge even thy unpredictable fate.

Birth of an idea – expectations that could be quantified
Could be worked and gracefully acquired
With right attitude and extra dose of sincerity
By so doing thou create positive environs directly
To tilt balance in thy favour
And raise pitch of thy expectations still further
But behold – not beyond the rules of expectations
Dare not go haywire in our assumptions
That the umbrella of hope gets shattered
Under the downpour of too much of expectations
Thus changing the meaning of coveted opinions,
Creating in its wake distrust, anger,
Ill-will and ultimate – ruins!

Expectations so fixed should be realizable
Based on our capacities and environs holding sway
Doubtlessly propelled by thy effort anyway
And bountiful blessings of our Father in the Heaven
So that our expectations succeed without friction.

Harbans Khajuria


Today, we are living in a competitive environment. Sometimes, we go haywire in setting our expectations. There is no harm in setting high expectations (goals) but it should never be forgotten that are we having raw materials, in the form of our capacities and other influencing factor, needed for building that edifice of our expectations. If we have, then we can visualize the work to be put for achievement of the same. And on the way, if there is tangible improvement in achievement then perceived expectations could be increased/stretched. Our expectations and our performance thereof for realization of those expectations (goals) realistically determine our success or failure.
When it comes to expectations from our own self it is a bit difficult. If we know ourselves fully; our strengths and weaknesses, we can devise ways and means to work on our weak areas. This way we can plug the weak areas and influence the outcome. This way, first of all, we have to have self assessment of ours and then proceed in setting our goals (expectations).


Anger and our Expectations. We expect much from ourselves but do not exert to control our anger which becomes an inhibiting factor for our further advancement/stretching our goal. Care ought to be exercised that sense control is of paramount importance and in that agent anger is the main mischief maker. We should be so completely absorbed in work or study or a project in hand that we become unaware of everything else, even of its results (which would be good) if the work and the intended goal is positive. To achieve the best results from what we do, we should be focused on the action with undivided attention. It should never be forgotten that in anger we are not focused to our work at hand. So the best way to control anger is to control or limit our expectations in the first instance. Too much expectations from our dears and nears just lead us nowhere if those expectations are not met.
It is synonymous to our complete surrender to our Lord – lock, stock and barrel.

We get angry if our desire is not fulfilled. (Gita 2.62)

Expectations and Self Realization. A self realized person knows his/her potentials and weakness. That person works to fill the weak areas and draws out the innate potentials with positive frame of mind. He/she knows that meaningful living is living actively, sensibly and selflessly. A self-realized person when meeting his/her goals (expectations) never forgets to meet ends with sincerity while being good to all those who come across his / her path. With positive attitude everything gets accomplished. Our expectations are not belied even if some failures may come sometimes but these could be surmounted with positive frame of mind / attributes. Fine-tuning the expectations could also help – lowering the pitch of our expectations. A self realized person is never shaken by some failures. He/she is not attached with result of his/her action. That person is peaceful and happy beyond doubt. Never feeling angry if something goes awry is his/her way of doing things.

Bhagward Gita rightly articulates a self realized person as:
A person who neither rejoices upon achieving something pleasant nor laments upon obtaining something unpleasant, who is self-intelligent, who is not wildered, and who knows the science of God, is already situated in transcendence.
Mind Control & Expectations. Our mind raises the pitch of our expectations. The best way to limit our expectations is to rein in our senses. Our mind asks for more and more. A satiety level, commensurate with the potential and other connected factors should be fixed and then efforts directed to fulfil the same.
The desire for pleasures takes one to the dark alley of sin, gets us in trouble, and prevents our progress. (Gita 2.67)
For getting our expectations fulfilled we are constrained to adopt different strategies. We even take the evil and criminal /unethical and sometimes immoral and irrational routes for getting those expectations fulfilled. It is, therefore, paramount that we have the total control of our senses and limit our expectations.

Our Expectations from others and our Attitude. In life we expect that we ought to be treated well by others. If there is any deviation in this, we feel disappointed. It should never be forgotten that for getting good treatment from others we have to treat others well, too. Then, we have high expectations from our close relatives and friends on whom we repose our trust. When trust deficit takes place, we feel disappointment. Expectations are in fact two ways traffic. Man being a social animal cannot work in isolation. If I meet somebody’s expectations/needs today then I can bank on his/her help whenever I need that person’s help. It is but natural. In other words, it is quid pro quo game. We can hardly trust people with whom we have not established any working relationships in this respect.

When our expectations are belied by our own kiths and kin, it pains us severely especially when we have invested our life’s savings including our goodwill for their advancement in life. Alast! when we need their assistance, we got thumb down. Then?

Then our Creator’s succor is the bank balance we are having. We should exploit it to the hilt! And why not, it is our Father’s treasury.



Author: Harbans

GOD is very compassionate with us in every way, need is to use those blessings which are the results of His bounties and thank Him for everything that He gives us. We should also share these bounties with our fellow-beings. I am the person who loves God and His Creations. I love my Creator and not fear Him. My children are adjusted to life, incommensurate, to their Karma and destiny. I have served as a Sr CGO for about 38 years in a Central Govt. Presently I am serving as an Adm Offer with an Engineering College. I am a spiritual person with liberal ways of thinking. I respect all the religions as I respect mine since I understand that all the religions are the pathways to a SINGLE ENTITY - paths for connecting with Him may be different but the ULTIMATE SOURCE IS ONE. I want to be a student till last day of my life. I am a homeopath also, which I pursue as a social service only. Happy moments, I take as God's Gifts, sad ones I take as His Test for me. I believe that He will surely assist me in this Test of His, come what may. Really. I have more belief in Him than I am on my own. You can comprehend my philosophy in life from my write-ups which I write while interacting with them. I firmly believe that every person has the special characteristic which other fellows cannot have and I respect that person as such. With the grace of Almighty God, a book entitled INNER THOUGHTS which could be purchased online from http://flipkart.com. This book is based on the topics which have been penned down. That is why it is rightly said if intentions are good, everything goes well with you.

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  1. We have to be very careful in fixing our exceptions. Care ought to be exercised that these should not go off the tangent and spoil our today while keeping our expectations for tomorrow.

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